Dr. Erin Watts - Veterinarian


Dr. Erin Watts is originally from Corbin, KY, and currently resides in Brunswick, GA.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Geology & Geographic Information Systems and is a proud member of the LMU-CVM Class of 2024.

Dr. Watts began her journey in veterinary medicine in high school and has since gained experience in nearly every role within a veterinary practice. Her professional interests include end-of-life and palliative care, dentistry, client education, and working with exotic animals.

Outside of work, Dr. Watts enjoys fly fishing, spending time on the water with her Newfoundland and Black Lab, gardening, and cycling.

A unique aspect of Dr. Watts' background is her experience as a Bat Biologist, where she conducted endangered species surveys across the Midwest, Southeast, and Northern California. She is always happy to share insights and answer questions about bats.

Dr. Watts looks forward to connecting and providing exceptional care for beloved pets.

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